Cosmetic Colour Upgrade

Cosmetic Colour Upgrade

by Neil Robertson

Replacing your existing AGA range cooker with a new one is very expensive so, whether your beloved cooker is worn down or you inherited and can’t stand the colour, there is a way.

At Range Cooker Solutions we offer a unique service of colour upgrade. We can bring new life to your existing cooker with the highest quality colours and enameling processes.

Vitreous enamel used on the AGA range cooker has many excellent properties. It is smooth, hard, chemically resistant, durable, can be blended into brilliant, long-lasting colours, and cannot burn.

The colours are produced with the addition of various minerals, often metal oxides cobalt, praseodymium, iron or neodymium.

There is a vast selection of colours to choose from.  Our standard colours are black, claret, dark blue, cream, british racing green and pewter, as well as the more specialised shades of mustard yellow, red, royal blue, dark pewter, wedgwood blue, powder blue and white. In addition to these, we will match any colour you request as best we can.

Contact us to find out how to upgrade your cooker today!

  2 oven electric AGA range cooker in Battleship grey